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EAGLE E FITNESS: Brooklyn's Premier Basketball Classes For Kids

Empowering Youth Through Sports & Leadership

N. Sheikh

"Coach Erin's knowledge and ability to develop young players is unmatched. Whether at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, she is able to take your child to the next stage in their athletic development. We are so lucky to have found Coach Erin and will continue to work with her as long as we can."

N. Tyson

"Coach Erin has been a great mentor for my grandson. Being able to be attentive to all the kids in the class and assist each of them individually is amazing. She is great with children!"

L. Ackerman

"We’ve signed up our son for many basketball classes in Brooklyn, and Coach Erin’s classes are superior to the rest. Erin expertly switches between coaching the entire team and focusing on each individual student, offering on-the-spot strategies that really elevate their game."

Basketball Classes Now Enrolling

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