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About Us

EAGLE E FITNESS LLC was founded 2018 by Erin Jones, a young female coach who's dream is to change the world for the better, one step at a time. Our passion is to guide and become a helping hand to the youth in our society as well as build family relationships. EAGLE E FITNESS was created to empower youth through sports and leadership, as well as provides the tools needed to become an efficient athlete. EAGLE E FITNESS has served over a hundred kids in various sports and mentorship programs through our Core Principals; Respect, Communication, Perseverance and Accountability.


Come join us on this journey as our youth continues to grow in the sport they love! 

Our Core Principals 

Respect: Eagle E fitness was built on respect. You should always treat others like you would like to be treated. Respect shows cooperation, acknowledgement and empathy; all things that develops relationships with others. Building relationships plays a key role in sports and becoming a student athlete.

Communication: In order to partake in team sports, athletes must be able to communicate with each other as well as with their coach. Our program encourages youth to express themselves on and off the court/field. Developing strong social skills creates a great environment for growth. 

Perseverance: At EAGLE E FITNESS, we teach our student athletes that in order to see great results and be a great player, they must put in the extra work. Perseverance is the foundation in achieving any goal. Being able to stay motivated even when things in the game doesn't go as planned, develops growth and resilience. 

Accountability: Being accountable creates trust and honestly in an environment. When mistakes are owned and corrected, it builds character as well as a team player.

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